Thomas Krekow Photographer | About
Thomas M. Krekow

Tom first viewed photography as a secondary interest that complimented his intended career as a wildlife conservationist and artist. Rapidly, however, his talent and passion for capturing light paved the way for what was a 30-year adventure as a portrait and wedding photographer. Tom's photographic career began in 1977. He went on to earn his Master of Photography (1985), his Photographic Craftsman (1988), and he became a Professional Photographers of America affiliated judge since 1984.
Although not operating a day to day portrait photography, Tom continues to freelance as a photographer, a photographic consultant and teacher while pursuing his lifelong love of art. Tom enjoys sharing with others the methods and madness that make his work so distinctive.

As with most artists, Tom's best testimonials come from his body of work… thousands of moments captured and created in his expression of life’s unique balance of light and shadow.
Tom’s work is currently on display at private events and in support of local artists and venues.
He lives in Overland Park, Kansas, with his wife, Anna, with friends and family nearby.